Boxfish Research - The world's best underwater 360 camera and video drone

Boxfish Research - The world's best underwater 360 camera and video drone

Your Eyes in the Deep

Boxfish Research is at the forefront of underwater observation innovation with remotely operated vehicles and video equipment built for cinematography, inspection, science, education, and adventure. By focusing on ease of use and high quality data capture, Boxfish Research is expanding the possibilities for humans to understand and experience our underwater world.

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Underwater Cinematography

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Underwater Virtual Reality

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Boxfish ROVs and cameras carry sophisticated electronic brains onboard, that continuously monitor and record large amounts of environmental data. Using this information the Boxfish ROV dynamically stabilises it's movements along all axes. The result is much more accurate positioning and a supremely stable platform from which to work or shoot video.


The Boxfish ROV is designed for a depth of 1000m, yet it is still man-portable at well below 30kg. It can be quickly deployed and recovered from a small boat or platform by a single person. Without the need for a large team, boat, or frame, Boxfish operators can reduce their operational costs without compromising capabilities.


Boxfish ROVs and video equipment use large-sensor cameras that offer much higher image clarity and better colour rendition than standard inspection or action cameras. The Boxfish 360 VR camera shoots even 5K video, and the Boxfish ROV is the only ROV on the market that transmits lag-free live uncompressed 4K UHD video.


The Boxfish 360 underwater spherical camera is the perfect tool for unparalleled situational awareness and engaging underwater stories. It features three frame-synced Micro Four Thirds cameras, with images from each combining to create a single immersive, 5K 360-degree video and RAW photo.

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Our Mission

To be the preferred provider of small unmanned underwater vehicles for inspection, filming, science, education, and adventure. We are innovative and flexible in our thinking and work with dedication to create adaptable, practical, and economical solutions to help you achieve your vision.

Who is "Boxfish Research"?

Boxfish Research is a New Zealand-based developer of mini ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and underwater VR/360 cameras. Our unique 8-vectored thruster propulsion and stabilisation system makes our vessels the most manoeuvrable on the market, saving our clients valuable time on every deployment. Our pioneering uncompressed 4K-UHD live streaming capability delivers video quality unmatched in the industry.

What is a "Boxfish"?

Members of the Boxfish family (Ostraciidae) are known for their exceptional stability in turbulent waters due to their unique shape. Our underwater vessels share this exceptional stability, provided by our innovative 8-vectored thruster propulsion and stabilisation system. As a boutique company committed to excellence, we research and develop all critical mechanical, electronic, and software systems in house.

All Products

Neoprene Cover

Large 7mm neoprene bag that perfectly fits over the Boxfish 360 (not included). Protects the domes when handling the camera between shoots.

US$ 105 - In Stock

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Replacement Dome

Optically clear injection molded dome with even thickness rated to 300m. Hand selected and polished.

US$ 149 - In Stock

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Camera Lens Combo

One Z-Cam E1 with ultra wide angle lens. Configured and custom calibrated for the Boxfish 360 to shoot sharp underwater video.

US$ 1490 - In Stock

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Housing with Electronics

Rated to 300m (1000ft) and including domes, camera tray, and data/sync electronics package. Does not include cameras.

US$ 9490 - Enquire

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Boxfish 360 Complete Set

Ready-to-shoot Boxfish 360 rig in hard case including three genlocked cameras, neoprene bag, cards, reader, and spares.

US$ 14990 - In Stock

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Boxfish ROV

The world's only man-portable mini ROV with lag-free uncompressed 4K-UHD video from as deep as 1000m.

From US$ 29990 - Enquire

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