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The Boxfish ROV is the first mini submersible built specifically for filmmakers, scientists, educators, and explorers. It records uncompressed live 4K-UHD on the surface and is a supremely stable platform from which to work efficiently and shoot beautiful video.

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Introducing the Boxfish ROV

Incredibly stable

Due to our unique propulsion and stabilisation system the Boxfish ROV carries both weight and buoyancy at its centre. The result is much more accurate positioning; no frustrating pendulum motions; and a supremely stable platform from which to work or shoot video.

Nimble by design

The Boxfish ROV can be oriented with complete freedom in any axis. That orientation can be locked in through the integrated stabilisation system and the ROV freely driven along awkward slopes or narrow spaces without disturbing silt or bumping into the delicate underwater habitat.                                     

Exceptionally user friendly

Our ergonomic Control Station was designed to take the pilot from beginner to expert in the shortest time possible. Live video and telemetry feeds, numerous electronic pilot flying assists, a helpful virtual horizon and a highly integrated control panel ensures this world-class performer is also the simplest of ROVs to fly.

Production quality video

The Boxfish ROV was designed to provide a superb filming platform, and our hands-free, auto-stabilisation features allow the operator to lock the vehicle in position to switch instantly from Pilot to Film Director. The Boxfish ROV is the only ROV on the market that transmits live cinema quality 4k UHD video.

Untethered operation

We have pioneered a unique radio modem solution that lets you pilot the ROV untethered near the surface. The radio connection is also the fallback failsafe in the unlikely case that the umbilical gets damaged. The ROV then ascends automatically and navigates back autonomously (or manually) while transmitting position and telemetry information.

Faster underwater

Because the Boxfish ROV is powered by onboard batteries with no need for heavy copper cabling it’s fibre optic umbilical is thin and light. This allows for more efficient and faster movement, especially in currents. Thanks to Aramid strength members and a polyurethane jacket it is still extremely strong and abrasion resistant despite being only 5mm thin and up to 2km long.

Boxfish ROV in numbers


MSW depth


VIDEO lines


KG light


MM short


Introducing the Boxfish 360

Better Image Quality

With genlocked cameras, large sensors, high quality Fujinon lenses, and a wide dynamic range the Boxfish 360 rig is capable of amazing video quality that far exceeds what rigs based on action cameras can deliver.

Longer Runtime

The Boxfish 360 can record up to 90 minutes of video before you have to change cards or batteries. A single hatch provides quick access to all cards and batteries, which allows you to get back into the water quicker and shoot more.

Faster Post-Production

With only three video files to stitch, half that of GoPro rigs, the post production process is faster and more fun. Our free file management software and stitching templates ensure nothing gets mixed up or lost.


Boxfish 360 in numbers


MSW depth


VIDEO lines


KG light




About us

What is "Boxfish Research"?

Boxfish Research is a New Zealand-based developer and operator of mini ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). Our unique 8-vectored thruster propulsion and stabilisation system makes our vessels the most manoeuvrable on the market, saving our clients valuable time on every deployment. Our pioneering uncompressed 4K-UHD live streaming capability delivers video quality unmatched in the industry.

What is a "Boxfish"?

Members of the Boxfish family (Ostraciidae) are known for their exceptional stability in turbulent waters due to their unique shape. Our underwater vessels share this exceptional stability, provided by our innovative 8-vectored thruster propulsion and stabilisation system. As a boutique company committed to excellence, we research and develop all critical mechanical, electronic, and software systems in house.

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Alina Siegfried covers Boxfish Research for the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016.

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New Zealand Geographic photographer Richard Robinson relies on the Boxfish 360 underwater spherical camera to bring back stunning 360 video from the remote Snares Islands.

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Boxfish Research’s mission is to be the preferred provider of mini ROVs for filming, science, education, and exploration. We are innovative and flexible in our thinking and work with dedication to create adaptable, practical, and economical solutions to help you achieve your vision.

Management Team

Boxfish Research was founded by three technology industry veterans that share a passion for conservation, exploration, and underwater video.

Craig Anderson

Electronics & software entrepreneur,
communications expert, technical diver, sailor

Axel Busch

Software entrepreneur, videographer,
technical ccr diver, solo sailor

Ben King

Creative inventor, mechanical engineer,
bicycle explorer, MSF volunteer, diver