Underwater Inspection

The Boxfish ROV is designed for a depth of 1000m, yet it is still man-portable at well below 30kg. It can be quickly deployed and recovered from a small boat or platform by a single person.

Without the need for a large team, boat, or frame, Boxfish operators can reduce their operational costs without compromising capabilities. Thanks to it's sophisticated sensing and steering package it is a supremely stable platform from which to work efficiently and shoot beautiful video.

Boxfish ROV is the only submersible on the market that transmits live uncompressed 4K-UHD video without lag.

Patent Pending. Design Registration Pending.

Underwater Virtual Reality

Nothing transports you into a different environment like a 360 video. It is even more real (and much cheaper to realise) than a rendered virtual reality experience. 360 video is quickly transforming entertainment, training, education, and inspection.

With the Boxfish 360 underwater camera, professional content creators can capture a sharper, more colourful and more exciting perspective of the underwater world.

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All Products

All Products

Neoprene Cover

Large 7mm neoprene bag that perfectly fits over the Boxfish 360 (not included). Protects the domes when handling the camera between shoots.

US$ 105 - In Stock

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Replacement Dome

Optically clear injection molded dome with even thickness rated to 300m. Hand selected and polished.

US$ 149 - In Stock

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Camera Lens Combo

One Z-Cam E1 with ultra wide angle lens. Configured and custom calibrated for the Boxfish 360 to shoot sharp underwater video.

US$ 1490 - In Stock

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Housing with Electronics

Rated to 300m (1000ft) and including domes, camera tray, and data/sync electronics package. Does not include cameras.

US$ 9490 - Enquire

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Boxfish 360 Complete Set

Ready-to-shoot Boxfish 360 rig in hard case including three genlocked cameras, neoprene bag, cards, reader, and spares.

US$ 14990 - In Stock

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Boxfish ROV

The world's only man-portable mini ROV with lag-free uncompressed 4K-UHD video from as deep as 1000m.

From US$ 29990 - Enquire

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