Boxfish ROV - The best underwater video drone

Boxfish ROV - The best underwater video drone

Boxfish ROV

The Boxfish ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is designed for a depth of 1000m, yet it is still portable at only 23kg. It can be quickly deployed and recovered from a small boat or platform by a single person.

Without the need for a large team, boat, or frame, Boxfish operators can reduce their operational costs without compromising capabilities. Thanks to it's sophisticated sensing and steering package it is a supremely stable platform from which to work efficiently and shoot beautiful video.

Incredibly stable

Due to our unique propulsion and stabilisation system the Boxfish ROV carries both weight and buoyancy at its centre. The result is much more accurate positioning; no frustrating pendulum motions; and a supremely stable platform from which to work or shoot video.

User friendly

The ergonomic Control Station was designed to take the pilot from beginner to expert in the shortest time possible. Live video and telemetry feeds, numerous electronic pilot flying assists, a helpful virtual horizon and a highly integrated control panel ensures this world-class performer is also the simplest of ROVs to fly.

Production quality video

The Boxfish ROV was designed to provide a superb filming platform, and our hands-free, auto-stabilisation features allow the operator to lock the vehicle in position to switch instantly from Pilot to Film Director. The Boxfish ROV is the only ROV on the market that transmits live cinema quality 4k UHD video.

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